1500EHD - Heavy Duty Cartridge Seal - Industrial Fluid Consultants Inc.

1500EHD - Heavy Duty Cartridge Seal


Cartridge Design

No Press-Fit Faces (Monolithic Design) - Eliminates Face Warpage

Tangential Flushing - Directs abrasive particles away from seal faces

Setting the Seal is Automatic - Utilizing positioning buttons that do not require removal.

Metal Shroud - Prevents damage to the rotating Silicon Carbide face and allows for even thermal expansion

Designed For Improved Performance - In highly viscous services, off curve pumping, slurries, etc

Springs are Stationary - and are not affected by angular misalignment or centrifugal force, as well as being isolated from the product.

  • Temperatures -20° to 400°F

  • Pressures to 300 P.S.I.G.
    (Depending on Shaft Size & Speed)

  • Speed: up to 4500 SFPM


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