P-3F - Sleeveless Dual Cartridge Seal - Industrial Fluid Consultants Inc.

P-3F - Sleeveless Dual Cartridge Seal


True Cartridge Design
True cartridge design that can be installed in minutes without any equipment modifications..

Self-Aligning Stationary Design - Handles stuffing box misalignment with a single movement vs. oscillating springs in rotary designs (1 movement vs. RPM x 2 for spring movements)

Stationary Spring - Located outside of the product.

Robust Large Monolithic Faces - Two identical stationary faces sealing against a common rotary face.

No Press Fit's - The seal faces are not press fitted inserts (no metal holders for faces) They provide superior performance under extreme conditions without distortion.

Double Balanced Design - The P-3F is designed to handle pressure reversals.

Pumping Ring - Is a standard for optimal barrier/buffer fluid flow.

A Bi-Metal Gland - is used for reduced cost in exotic metallurgical applications.

•Temperatures 0° to 400°F
(Depending on Application & Materials)

•Pressures to 300 P.S.I.G
(Depending on Size & Speed)

•Shaft Speed up to 6000 fpm
(Depending on Size)


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