Ultraseals 415,425,445,455 - Cryogenic Seals - Industrial Fluid Consultants Inc.

Ultraseals 415,425,445,455 - Cryogenic Seals


Fits Most Cryogenic Pumps - No equipment modifications required.

Made to Handle O2, Ar, N, CO2 - And other industrial liquefied gases.

Meets Liquid Oxygen Safety Standards - Each seal contains an anti-spark sleeve.

Stationary Welded Metal Bellows - Provides exceptional fracture resistance to fatigue, at cryogenic temperatures.

Standard Face Materials - PPC's Proprietary PPCF material, running against a Tungsten Face.

  • Temperatures: to -320°F (-195°C)

  • Pressures: to 150 P.S.I.

  • Speeds: up to 3600 RPM


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